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StartFast Code Bootcamp provides in demand coding education

Syracuse, NY (4/25/2016)

Starting in May, StartFast Code, an intense 12-24 week coding bootcamp, begins in downtown Syracuse to train students as full-stack developers able to meet the needs of local employers. The course uses a structure called the flipped classroom. This format allows students to interact with an online curriculum that helps them through a set of problems at their own pace. When students come to class, teachers aren’t lecturing; they’re coaching and responding to individual needs. The program covers three key domains for in demand software developers. The front-end development portion teaches students to craft the parts of websites and apps that a user will interact with. Data visualization helps students learn to work with large data sets to analyze them and derive meaning from them. The final part of the course is back-end development, which focuses on the moving parts behind a website or app including the security and databases. Starfast Code trains professional developers to be able to contribute and earn in a short amount of time.

Unlike the previous successful programming bootcamp brought to the area by a NYC based company, this course is a homegrown effort to meet local needs. The need for this program was identified by Chuck Stormon who co-founded the Syracuse based StartFast Venture Accelerator which mentors and invests in startups. Chuck said “We have very knowledgable, business minded students coming out of SU and LeMoyne who consistently have great ideas, but run into a significant barrier when they start looking for the developers to build the software and web platforms needed. This coding bootcamp delivers the skills we desperately need in this area.”

John Talarico, an advisor to StartFast Code and Syracuse based software developer, notes “When someone is skilled at any one of the three topics they are highly competitive so learning all three makes these students employable full-stack developers.”

The bootcamp takes a unique approach to education, which benefits both traditional and nontraditional students. The core content is online and self-paced allowing students to work in the way that is right for them. The online content engages students through exercises and projects rather than traditional lectures. The bootcamp goes well beyond the online program though. Enrolling in the course grants students 24/7 access to Syracuse CoWorks, a shared working space in Downtown Syracuse, and in person mentoring with expert developers in each of the topics the students will be working. By creating a structured educational program with the added support of an environment conducive to productivity and the expert mentoring, students will not only be driven to succeed but also develop the confidence to do so.

Zoe Koulouris, co-founder of 3Pound Health, a health software startup, and graduate of the previous programming bootcamp held in Syracuse said “StartFast Code is a very exciting opportunity, especially for those who missed the chance to take the New York Code + Design Academy course last fall. StartFast Code is five times the number of instructor hours and half the price per instructor hour as the other course.”

Zoe also said “At 3Pound Health, I find myself working on many aspects of the business and having programming knowledge greatly amplifies my ability to communicate and lead my company more effectively.”

Another exciting opportunity the bootcamp creates is for students to work directly with companies in the StartFast Venture Accelerator to solve real problems, in real time, and be paid by those companies. StartFast Venture Accelerator and StartFast Code co-founder Nasir Ali said that “The close working relationship between the accelerator and the bootcamp gives our students a strong incentive to learn and grow quickly. The more they apply themselves, the faster they learn, and the faster they start to earn while still in the bootcamp. A lot of programs offer employment assistance after completion. No one helps students earn while they are still in class.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates are that by 2020 there will be 1 million more jobs than computer science graduates in the US alone. But it's even worse than that. Unfortunately the professional skills needed to earn money as a coder usually aren't taught in high school or college courses. Even computer science and engineering programs rely upon internships in industry to teach students how to function in a professional capacity.

Naysayers will be suspicious about yet another program trying to bring jobs to Central New York. StartFast Code trains individuals to fill jobs that already exist in Syracuse, but are vacant due to lack of qualified candidates. Additionally, many full stack developers find fantastic employment with companies based outside of CNY but hiring remote workers. Those developers live and work in Syracuse but are paid by a company anywhere in the world.

Each of the three modules is $3,500, or students can enroll in the Full Stack program for $10,000. For a limited time, StartFast Code is offering a number of $5,000 scholarships for students enrolled in the Full Stack class. Preference is given to women, veterans, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. To enroll students must apply and attend an interview to ensure they are a good fit for the program. Already 8 students have been interviewed and accepted. Class size is limited to 15 students to ensure all students have enough time with instructors. While the courses are self-paced it is anticipated that all students will complete the bootcamp in 12 to 24 weeks.

Those interested in learning more or applying can go to

For more information and to arrange an interview with Chuck Stormon please contact him directly at 315-491-1011.