Progress on the road to fame and fortune as a developer

As we approach the mid-point of the 3rd month of StartFast Code, we think an update on the progress of our students is in order. For those who are new to StartFast Code, we are a revolutionary "bootcamp" designed to mentor professional web developers. There is a three-month Front End option and a six-month full stack option. We have students enrolled in both options, five women and eight men. We have room for additional enrollees. Apply here.

Max Matthews, StartFast Code instuctor Max Matthews observes about the students enrolled, "All of them are doing well, but want to call attention to a few of them." We've removed the student's names for privacy. "One student enrolled in the Full Stack course who has a full-time day-job is wrapping up the node.js projects now. He is going to start on Express soon. He always wants to understand exactly what is happening (which is great). Another student is cruising along with React. I'm seeing her have a lot of 'light bulb' moments which is super-rewarding. She's aiming for a promotion at her current employer." 

Another Full Stack student works with technology every day, but not necessarily the inner workings. StartFast Code has given him the opportunity to "know Kung Fu." He's on track and making great progress.

Students enrolled in the Front End course in June are now finishing up with a target to complete by the end of August. "One student is wrapping up the Front End course in the next week or two. He's learned a lot. He's pursuing opportunities with Metis Consulting in Manlius, but also interested in extending his StartFast Code experience to the Full Stack level." Another Front End enrollee is making progress on his own website, rather than working only on the course curriculum projects. The instructors have helped him learn what he needs and set him up with hosting. "I don't think he could be happier with the outcome of the class, " adds Max. There are two students in the Front End course I would classify as "career changers." They are making progress by acquiring the skills that are in high demand in today's market.

Two women taking the Full Stack course work often as a team. Occasionally when working separately or when taking two different approaches to solving the same problem, they'll get together and compare notes, explaining each others' solutions. This teamwork is awesome, and very much mirrors the kind of collaboration that goes on in professional development settings.

One student took a month off StartFast Code classes this summer, while continuing to work the projects on his own. He's back in class now, catching back up with the rest of the group who didn't take a month off, but still succeeding. This just highlights StartFast Code's flexibility to fit different work styles and schedules.

On August 1 we welcomed a new student just starting the Full Stack course. He has been welcomed by the rest of the group and has shown that he'll be a great student. According to Max he's, "cruising along and taking detailed notes."

I hope you've enjoyed this inside look into what various StartFast Code students are doing. We have a growing list of video testimonials here if you'd like to hear from the students themselves. Consider joining us. Applications are open!