'Cuz I know Kung Fu - Silicon Valley jobs in Upstate New York

"I know kung fu," declares Neo, the hacker/savior in the 1999 film "The Matrix." Keanu Reeves' character has the martial art "uploaded" directly into his brain through a jack in the back of his skull. We're not quite there yet. It takes quite a bit of practice to learn new skills and even more to master them.

StartFast Code (http://www.startfastcode.com) has a new approach to teach you to be a professional web developer faster. We've adopted one of the best online curricula and then added daily classes with expert developers to get you coding faster and more reliably. The classes are in the evening, so you can take the course even if you currently have a job. Our students are making rapid progress and loving it.

The world is starting to notice. Yesterday, a Silicon Valley founder reached out to me looking for coders. The jobs are coming from Silicon Valley, but the companies there will hire coders in Syracuse and allow them to work remotely. This is common practice because the need is so great. Remote work offers great flexibility and opens up a world of opportunities.

The Silicon Valley founder specifically mentioned StartFast Code students and offered to introduce our classes to other Silicon Valley companies looking for tech talent. We'll be making these introductions to our students over the next several weeks and months. Why are Silicon Valley companies pursuing StartFast Code students in Syracuse for "tech talent?" 'Cuz they know Kung Fu. Join us!