Is StartFast Code for me?

StartFast Code isn't just for's also for artists, musicians, writers, accountants, lawyers, bankers and others. We believe that anyone, regardless of interest, gender, age, or ethnicity, can and should learn to code.

"It’s not about being a certain kind of person. Coding is creative problem-solving. It's about loving what you do."

Problem solving.png

No one is born being “good with computers.” Everyone can learn the skills needed to code. I grew up encouraged to explore my interest in computers. Perhaps you didn't, and this is the reason you never sat down and actually learned to code. It’s just a skill you haven’t learned yet. This is the whole point of a bootcamp  like StartFast Code— to give you a structured way to sit down and learn it.

“So coding is a set of learned skills. But what if I suck at it?”

A StartFast Code bootcamp is a commitment of time and money. There will probably be parts where you'll struggle a bit. That's why we have instructors to mentor you along the way. They are there for you five days a week. There will be people who are better than you because they've been teaching themselves to code for a while. But everyone is there to learn new skills and get better. StartFast Code is for people like you, even if you have no prior experience. We take total beginners and mentor them into employable junior developers.

“I'm worried that my work experience in non-profit/sales/education/administration/whatever won’t be relevant."

It absolutely is relevant. Your prior experience gives you contacts. It's taught you to manage your time, meet deadlines, work with difficult people, and build relationships. These experiences and contacts will make you more successful as a developer. 

“Isn’t it true that the tech world is run by lots of straight white men and it’s a hard place for women/people of color?”

Yes that seems to be true (see my last post), but it's also changing. Be part of that change. Coding is too great a career to avoid, just because you're in the minority. The work is creative, interesting and well compensated. The opportunities are growing; the prospects for financial security are real.

“Is StartFast Code actually worth it? I’m nervous I’m going to throw away a ton of time and money for nothing.”

Don't take my word for it. Check out what our students are saying.  StartFast Code is absolutely worth it, but only if you’re willing to put in a LOT of effort. You can’t take any shortcuts when you’re learning a new skill in 3 or 4 months. Before committing, try a free coding course on codeacedemy, or FreeCodeCamp. If you enjoy coding, the excitement of it will make effort required to learn it rewarding.  But if you’re not actually interested in the work and aren’t willing to put in the time and energy, don’t do StartFast Code or any bootcamp for that matter.

“I understand an application and interview are required for StartFast Code  — what are my chances of getting in?”

Pretty good. Our application process is only there to dissuade people who won’t be successful. Take the application seriously. The interview is friendly, informal, over the telephone. We limit the number of students in each cohort to ensure that you get individual attention from our instructors/mentors. The best way to get in is to apply well before the start date. Now, for example, is the very best time to apply.