Diversity matters; do something about it!

In October 2013, Tracy Chou came back from the Grace Hopper memorial breakfast wondering if she was being lied to by her employer and all the other Silicon Valley giants. She asked, in this Medium post, for the actual numbers regarding diversity.

"In May 2014 Google caved, releasing a report that [] showed that the company’s overall workforce was predominantly male and white — 70 and 61 percent, respectively. [] As Apple and Facebook followed suit, along with Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo and others, it became clear that these patterns were industry-wide: the tech world was exactly as white and male as everyone had suspected."

Why does diversity matter? Suppose that you know someone who is ignorant of the benefits of diversity. Suppose that unlike me, this hypothetical person doesn't know intuitively that diversity matters. What facts can you bring to their attention?

  1. Companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially.
  2. Diversity in the workplace increases creativity.
  3. Employee turnover is lower in diverse businesses.
  4. Brands built by a homogeneous workforce can't connect with diverse consumers.
  5. It's the right thing to do.

OK, now you have some facts at your disposal. But I'm pretty sure you can DO something about it. If you're a business leader, make diversity your intention. If you haven't, is it because you want your business to perform more poorly that those who do?

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