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Want a new career? One that is creative, in high demand and well compensated? We can help you start fast. StartFast Code teaches intensive 12-week immersion courses that mentor you into a professional web developer, prepared for entry level positions or a freelance career. Here's what our students say about it.

The best coders are constantly learning through their lifetime. Our program goes beyond teaching skills. We show you how to learn so that your value increases over time. 

The best part: Unlike other coding schools, StartFast Code gives you the option of gaining real/resume experience during the course. You'll learn by doing, building a project of your choice. When you're ready, we will match you with one of our portfolio startups or local employer partners and you'll gain resume experience and a job reference while you learn. We’ll help you get a job offer when you graduate and provide ongoing support to help you continue to grow and learn.

Don’t know how to code? No worries. Our proven teachers will mentor you through our state-of-the-art curriculum. You'll become a professional, ready for an entry level web developer position.  Take a look at our courses and fill out the application to get started.

Our instructors are professional web developers

Our instructors are professional web developers


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How Much Will you make?

Entry level web developers are in demand and can earn a high salary / high hourly rate.

Web Developer salary range across the US
- source, February 2016

"Web Developers may progress into higher-paying roles like Senior Software Engineer, where median compensation is $106K annually. The most common next step for a Web Developer is to become a Senior Web Developer or a Software Engineer. The former position pays an additional $24K per year on average, and the latter position pays $22K more per year." -

Learning to work in teams with a professional mentor's help

Learning to work in teams with a professional mentor's help

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How much you earn will depend upon many factors including your skill level, work ethic and commitment to keep learning.

Web Developer salary range for Syracuse, NY
- source, February 2016

Knowing how to code gives you the freedom to choose a freelance career where you set your own hours, a salaried position in an established business, to start your own business, or to join a startup team and earn equity as you build the business. There was never a better time to enter this field.